About Us

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Grassman Gear
Grassman Gear works to be your destination for all things Bigfoot related, and for those who live for the weekend, the adventure seekers. We will search the deep woods of the internet, nooks of little shops, and passionate and creative individuals to bring the most sought after and most unique products related to Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and of course holding a special place in our heart, Ohio’s legendary Grassman, the inspiration for this business. From research to entertainment, we will have the most exclusive collection available, and will personally share how we use the equipment we sell. 

Who's behind this Grassman Gear?
- Alan Megargle -
With a background in electronics manufacturing engineering and a degree in computer science, Alan bakes all of the cookies for our trips. Well, that’s not really true, but he does provide us with key technical insight, website development, and takes the lead on all things technology when we buy something new or want to hack, err… improve something we bought. Find him on Facebook here @alanfathomfrontiers.

- Jesse Morgan -
This guy? Despite having been primitive camping since he was a small child he still freaks out about spiders, spent time in the Navy and the Ohio Army National Guard and has over ten years of customer service experience and a degree in advertising. When he is not finding a way to face plant during one of his many “trips” into the woods, he takes the lead on customer relationships, marketing and website design. You can find him on Facebook as @thatguyjessem

Our History
- The Teen Years -
Our story begins a little over 30 years ago when two young boys found themselves to be new neighbors. A lifelong friendship that started out a little rocky, as Jesse lost dozens of matchbox cars to Alan’s repeated, “let me see that for a minute” jokes (I did eventually learn to say no!) it eventually grew into a brotherly  bond, that has lasted for over three decades. If we could look to one moment that was point in time where we could say  we found our spark, it was when we were laying on the roof of one of our parents houses late one summer evening and searching the sky in hopes of seeing something amazing, something special, in hopes we could say, “I saw a UFO!” Well we might of that night, but as kids our imagination tends to run wild.

- “Young” Adults -
Fast forward to 2009, and still running wild with pent up curiosity and a force pushing us towards a destination unknown, Alan’s curiosity boiled over. He came to me with “a great idea,” that involved doing an advanced hike in upstate New York. Located near Whitehall, NY, a place with a rich history of Bigfoot sightings, we made the hour or so drive from a cabin we were staying at and basked in the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. About half way into our sweat soaked, mosquito cloud filled, running out of water 90 degree hike, we heard it.

On a perfectly sunny blue sky everywhere, no wind day, a tree was being broken. We could hear it above us on the trail. Before we even saw the twisted and broken tree, we could smell the sweet pungent green tree scent. At about four to five inches across, this live tree had been twisted at about six feet and brought down. As for Alan and I, this was proof enough.

We realized in New York that there was no easy explanation to what we heard and saw, a bear? Perhaps it was. Regardless, our fire had been fueled, and we went home to put it all together. Researching Bigfoot online was a whole new world for us. We talked about what we saw others doing, what stories were out there. When we found out that Ohio was a hot bed of Bigfoot activity, and that there has been an Ohio Bigfoot Conference here for over twenty years, we knew we were home.

- Present Day -
We wanted to share what we did with others, and also be ourselves at the same time. Combining our shared interests and passions, and contrasting experiences, Fathom Frontiers was born. It is about inspiring others to push into the unknown, seeking information, and not being fearful to spend time in lonely places, at the darkest midnight. It is two guys who head out into the field to look for an elusive creature maybe eight feet tall and weighing 400 pounds, walking in abandoned buildings with a history of hauntings, among other adventures. These ideas sounded perfectly sane to us.

Since 2009 the Fathom Frontiers Team of Alan and Jesse have been bringing you the viewer, with us on our adventures into the woods and for special investigations into the unknown as well.

- The Future is Bright -
We believed we could do more. Keeping our local Legend in mind, we realized that it was important as well to keep driving the information out there, keep engaging others in a way that welcomes them and educates them, and provides the opportunity to see how what we use in the field, is effective, or maybe isn’t. We will work together to bring you the gear, apparel and information you need to not only more effectively research Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or if in Ohio, the Grassman, but to also have great weekends, full of adventures.

From that mindset we have grown to include hosting Bigfoot Adventure Weekends, a weekend long camping trip that includes training and research and education taught and led by seasoned researchers, Naturalists, and we cook burgers over a fire, who doesn’t love that?

As for next weekend, we hope to see you out there, and at the least hear your stories of adventure. It’s the weekend, what will you have to talk about on Monday?