Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeffery Meldrum

Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeffery Meldrum
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Looking for Bigfoot is one of the most exciting and accessible adventures someone can have. With thousands of sightings all over the United States and North America, why not spend some time in the woods, looking for an 8 foot tall big hairy man like creature? This is however fun as it may seem, more than simply walking through the woods. You need to know what to look for, what to do if you find evidence, or maybe even a Bigfoot print. If you were lucky enough to find a print, what would you do? How do I cast it?

Well, Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put together a great field guide designed for beginners just getting their boots muddy and for the more experienced alike, to keep as a refresher after all those hours in the woods. From casting to evidence collection and the world around you while in the world forests, this is designed for the outdoors. Laminated and small enough to even carry in a pocket this guide is meant for squatchin’.

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