Inspired by Ohio’s own legendary Bigfoot, designed for those who refuse to give up the search.

For nearly 150 years stories of a large hairy human like beast have circulated within the State of Ohio. Commonly referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, this Ohio legend, the Grassman, is no less mysterious and elusive in its activities, and just as extraordinary when someone has an encounter. We hope you will find all of our Grassman Gear just as unforgettable.

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The Back 80: A Modern Day Bigfoot Encounter DVD Minerva Monster T-Shirt/Movie SPECIAL Grassman Gear Seeker Signature Series Camo T-Shirt
The Back 80: A Modern Day Bigfoot Encounter DVDMinerva Monster T-Shirt/Movie SPECIALGrassman Gear Seeker Signature Series Camo T-Shirt

Features real people talking about real experiences culminating with a woman facing her fears and heading deep into the woods to look for her tormenter, the resident Bigfoot.

Get this great retro style Minerva Monster T-Shirt from the Minerva Monster Documentary and recieve a DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the movie for FREE!!

The Signature Series Camo Bigfoot T-Shirt might be woodland camo, but you are doing anything but hiding.




Plush Bigfoot Hairy Foot Pillow 15" Plush Bigfoot Bigfoot Footprint Magnet
Plush Bigfoot Hairy Foot Pillow15" Plush BigfootBigfoot Footprint Magnet

Snuggle up with Bigfoot's big-ole hairy foot. with this super soft plush novelty pillow

This 15" plush of everyone's favorite crytid is sure to be a hit.

This large Bigfoot magnet is as unique as the elusive creature lurking in the woods near you




8" Plush Bigfoot Tree Peaking Bigfoot Novelty Ink Pen "I Believe" Wristband
8" Plush BigfootTree Peaking Bigfoot Novelty Ink Pen"I Believe" Wristband

This 8" plush of everyone's favorite crytid is sure to be a hit.

What better way to show your love for all things Bigfoot than this tree peaking Bigfoot ink pen.

Our “I BELIEVE” wristbands are sturdy wide rubber to give them as much life as possible as we know that once you put it on, it might just never come off. GLOWS IN THE DARK! 




Bigfoot Rescue Kit The Sasqwatch Hidden Ohio Map and Guide
Bigfoot Rescue KitThe SasqwatchHidden Ohio Map and Guide

Awww! Who can resist this little Bigfoot from the Great Northwest? This cute critter needs a home, hugs, and socks!By adopting this young Sasquatch, you pledge to act as its guardian, mentor, and friend.

Designed with the big beast in mind, this cleverly designed timepiece has a rugged strap to stay secure in the thickest of hostile environments.

SALE: 2 FOR $20!

Filled with whispers of haunted locations, sacred geography, and unexplained sightings that include ghosts, aliens and Bigfoot.




Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeffery Meldrum Grassman Gear Patch
Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeffery MeldrumGrassman Gear Patch

Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put together a great field guide designed for beginners just getting their boots muddy and for the more experienced alike.

Official Grassman Gear sew-on patch