Inspired by Ohio’s own legendary Bigfoot, designed for those who refuse to give up the search.

For nearly 150 years stories of a large hairy human like beast have circulated within the State of Ohio. Commonly referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, this Ohio legend, the Grassman, is no less mysterious and elusive in its activities, and just as extraordinary when someone has an encounter. We hope you will find all of our Grassman Gear just as unforgettable.

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Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeffery Meldrum Grassman Gear Patch
Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeffery MeldrumGrassman Gear Patch

Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put together a great field guide designed for beginners just getting their boots muddy and for the more experienced alike.

Official Grassman Gear sew-on patch