Looking to brush up on your Sasquatch history? Perhaps seeking something on how to do some Bigfoot field research? Maybe trying to figure out just why in the world are there so many different names for a huge hairy man-like beast anyways? Well, Grassman Gear is the not-so-deep in the woods destination to figure out all of your, “is that a Bigfoot or a Sasquatch I’m lookin’ at?” reading and cryptozoology materials.

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Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeffery Meldrum Hidden Ohio Map and Guide Bigfoot Rescue Kit
Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeffery MeldrumHidden Ohio Map and GuideBigfoot Rescue Kit

Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put together a great field guide designed for beginners just getting their boots muddy and for the more experienced alike.

Filled with whispers of haunted locations, sacred geography, and unexplained sightings that include ghosts, aliens and Bigfoot.

Awww! Who can resist this little Bigfoot from the Great Northwest? This cute critter needs a home, hugs, and socks!By adopting this young Sasquatch, you pledge to act as its guardian, mentor, and friend.